Sep 22

Chasing Autumn

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Autumn is one of my favorite seasons (second only to winter, but that’s an entirely different trip). From the brisk air, to confetti colors dotting the landscape, to hayrides, pumpkin pie, and apple cider. There is nothing quite like a great autumn day. And since I live in Texas now, I mean that quite literally. While I’m very thankful that the dog days of summer are (mostly) over, it’s still 90 degrees out…hardly what I would consider fall weather. So I’m setting off once again on another journey. I’ll be chasing autumn in Colorado (yes, as several people have recently noted, I go there a lot…it makes my heart happy). One thing about autumn, though, is that she can play a little hard to get, especially when it comes to showing her colors. Hopefully I have timed this trip right. But either way, I expect that this will be a trip to remember. I hope you’ll come along with me.


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  1. From Jurgen Beck:

    Enjoy your trip, Scott! Looking forward to gorgeous pictures and great stories!

    Posted on September 23, 2012 at 7:06 AM #

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