Jun 07

Fort Morgan

by in A Grand Getaway, Travel

This evening we arrived in Fort Morgan, our first stop in Colorado. Fort Morgan is a small town in Northeastern Colorado. We used to come through here as kids on our way to visit relatives. It doesn’t seem like much has changed. The thing I always remembered was the sugar mill. I’m glad to see it’s still around, smell and all. It’s funny how the production of something that tastes so sweet smells so bad.

I was also happy to discover Rainbow Bridge this time around. It was there all along (built in 1922-1923), but I don’t remember ever noticing it before. Rainbow Bridge (also known as the James Marsh Arch Bridge) is an 11-arch concrete bridge built over the South Platte River. It’s the only rainbow arch design in Colorado, and is listed on both the National Register of Historic Landmarks, and the National Register of Engineering Landmarks.


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